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Anastasia Home Staging & Design

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Staging a Master Bedroom

In this example of Staging a Master Bedroom in a condo, we had the room re-painted in a light color, removed all furniture and used light, modern furniture with a lot of light reflecting elements and decorations. Turquoise accents were used to liven the otherwise soothing, beige-gray palette of the room colors. This Master bedroom now looks bright, fresh and very welcoming.

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Staging this Living/Dining Room

In an example of staging this Living/ dining Room combination in a condo, we worked with good space and light, thanks to a large window. It must be noted, that the previous owner had been renting the Unit for many years, prior to putting it up for sale. So the unit was stuffed with the Tenants’ possessions and old furniture.
Once the old furniture was removed, and the space decluttered, we had the Unit painted, changed the light fixture in the Dining Room. We then added furniture and accessories to show the true function of each room and how the potential Owner could use the space. The room now looks even more spacious, more modern and functional.